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Kate Carnell AO

Former Australian Small Business & Family Enterprise Ombudsman

"Summit Opening"

Kate brings her decades of experience in leading government policy for small businesses to provide us with an opening address, discussing why SMEs are the backbone of the Australian economy and providing insight into how the government agenda will create the landscape for growth and development for SMEs in the years to come.

Warren Hogan

Chief Economic Advisor,
Judo Bank

"The State of the Market"

As one of Australia's top economic analysts and commentators, Warren will provide a rare insight into the current state of the market and drill into what the next 12 months hold and how you can get ahead of the market.

John Warrillow

Founder, The Value Builder System™

"The Art of Selling Your Business"

Best-selling author and founder of The Value Builder System™, John will be deep diving into the art of selling a business and case studies on how to achieve a sale price in the tens of millions of dollars.

Tony Sacre

CEO, Bentleys Australia & New Zealand

Panel Discussions: "Growth via Acquisition" and "Selling a Professional Services Business"

Tony brings his decades of experience in working with large private businesses and listed companies to help identify the opportunity in acquisitions, the secret sauce of growth understood by large businesses that up until now not fully utilised by SMEs.

Simon Bedard

Founder & CEO,
Exit Advisory Group

"How to Grow the Value of Your Business" and "The 3 Critical Mistakes People Make When Selling a Business"

Simon Bedard leads Exit Advisory Group, a boutique advisory firm that is focused on mergers & acquisitions, growth strategies, exit planning, and helping business owners maximise the value of their company. Simon is also the host of the Buy Grow Sell Podcast, a show dedicated to helping business owners acquire, grow or exit a business.

Joanna Oakey

CEO, Aspect Legal & Host of The Deal Room Podcast

"How to Avoid Risk in an Acquisition and Drive Deal Success" and "How to Structure the Right Deal and Avoid Getting Sued"

Joanna brings her decades of experience in dealing with hundreds of businesses at acquisition and exit to paint a picture of the missed opportunities for SMEs in acquisition for growth and in building their business to achieve the ultimate exit.

Kobi Simmat

Founder & CEO,

Best Practice Biz

"You’ve Bought Your Business, Now What" and "How to Grow Your Business While Taking 9 Weeks Off"

Kobi brings to our audience the mechanics of what to do next after buying a business, and a passionate approach to generating the kind of business that you can grow while taking 9 weeks off. Tune into his life-changing insights.

Glen Carlson

Co-Founder, Dent Global

"Building Your Brand and Marketing Your Business"

Glen brings an award-winning perspective to our audience on how to build your brand and market your business to create an unfair advantage in your industry. He will be digging deep into the small changes that each business owner can make to maximise the outcome of their business.

David Jenyns

Founder, SYSTEMology

"Create Time, Reduce Errors and Scale Your Profits with Proven Business Systems"

David will be honing in on how you can successfully systemise yourself out of your business, following the very approach he used with his own business and hundreds of clients. Listen in to find out how you can be freed from the daily operations of running your business by creating time, reducing errors, and scaling your profits using proven business systems while still experiencing massive growth.

Stephen Mifsud

Managing Director Relationships, Judo Bank

"How to Fund Acquisitions"

Stephen will be discussing a unique view of funding for professional service businesses and up-to-the-minute insight into how best to fund acquisitions.

Michael Haynes

Founder, Listen Innovate Grow

"Driving B2B Growth in the 'New Norm' through Strategic Marketing and Business Innovation"

Michael will be drilling deep into how you can drive B2B growth through strategic marketing and business innovation. Tune in to hear the top tips on turbocharging your current approaches.

Pete Martin

An entrepreneur that has already achieved a stunning exit

"How I Sold My Consulting Firm for 12x EBITDA with No Earn-Out"

Pete will be giving us an inside look at how he achieved a staggering 12 times earnings sale of his consulting business, without an earn-out. Learn from the master about how you can apply the same approach to your own business growth and exit.

Clare Long

Director, Norgay HR Consulting

"How to Integrate People and Culture After an Acquisition"

Clare brings over two decades of experience in human resources to provide her insights into how to integrate people and culture after an acquisition.

Matt Alderton

CEO & Founder, Bx

Panel Discussions and Q&A Moderator

Matt brings his passion for small business to the centerstage to rally our panel, ensuring you get the top insights into buying, growing, and exiting across three days. Bring your questions so that he can give our panel a run for their money.

Darren Lee

Tax Director, Bentleys NSW

"Selling Your Business - Don't Forget the Tax!"

Darren tackles the important topic of tax in the sale of your business and walks us through the top mistakes that most business owners make.

Laurence Poulter

Strategic Wealth Advisor, Bentleys Wealth Advisors

"Preparing Your Business and Your Wealth Strategy to be Sale Ready"

As one of the 50 most influential financial advisers in Australia, Laurence brings a powerful insight into how you can most effectively use your business as an essential part of your holistic wealth strategy. Focusing on his client stories of growth and exit, he will paint a picture for you of how to prepare your business to extract maximum wealth.

Rod Hore

Founder, HHMC Global

Industry Breakout Session: "Building Recruitment Agency Value and Attractiveness"

Rod brings more than three decades of impressive experience in the advisory for Australian and international recruitment businesses, and will be providing an in-depth insight in our industry segment on how to grow and exit a recruitment business for maximum value.

Greg Savage

Founder, The Savage Recruitment Academy

Industry Breakout Session: "Powering Growth in 2022 and Beyond. 10 Pillars to Thrive - Not Dive"

With a career spanning four decades, Greg is a founder of 4 highly successful businesses, a trusted advisor, and a respected voice across the global recruitment and professional services industries. In 2018, he was inducted into the Recruiter International Hall of Fame, and was named one of LinkedIn’s ‘Top Voices’. In 2016, he was named the most influential Australian businessperson on Twitter, and the most influential recruiter in Australia in the past 60 years in 2015. Greg’s best-selling book The Savage Truth has sold over 10,000 copies.

Simon Childs

Founder, ENRG

Industry Breakout Session (Panel): "Navigating 2022"

Simon is an advisor and investor to Recruitment and HR tech businesses in Asia. He has more than 2 decades of experience building, selling, buying, and facilitating management buy-outs in the HR services space across Asia, totalling approximately USD 100M. He has a BA in History from the University of East Anglia, and further qualifications in Leadership from Oxford University (Saïd School of Business), Cornell University, and HK University of Science and Technology. He is an ICF certified Executive Coach and a Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

Sophie Robertson, FRCSA

Founder, Younique Coaching

Industry Breakout Session (Panel): "Navigating 2022"

Sophie has over 3 decades of recruitment industry experience in Australia and spends her time helping business owners grow their teams and knowledge to deliver a premium recruitment service, and thereby grow their profits. As a recruitment company’s value and sale price is closely tied to the strength of its temp/contracting part of the business, Sophie’s book: “Secrets to running a lucrative Temp Desk” has been used by many businesses as a “how to” manual. She was named as one of 24 outstanding women to watch in the recruitment industry.

Rebecca Mihalic

Director - Sydney, businessDEPOT

"A Case Study in Successfully Scaling a Client-Centric Professional Services Firm"

Rebecca tells a story of her own case study of successfully scaling a client-centric professional services firm that ultimately went on to win Innovator of the Year. Learn how you can apply the same philosophies to your own business.

Ed Chan

Co-Founder, Wize Mentoring

Industry Breakout Session: "Growing an Accounting Practice"

Ed shares with us his incredible story of how he took an accounting firm Chan & Naylor that he founded from a small home office into a national financial services organisation, servicing more than 11,000 clients throughout Australia. He than co-founded Wize Mentoring, a firm helping Accounting and Bookkeeping firms do the same. He talks about a unique combination of acquisitions and joint ventures as a way to create extreme wealth.

Paul Dunn

Co-Founder, B1G1

Industry Breakout Session: "Growing an Accounting Practice"

Paul brings his decades of experience in business and on the global stage as a 4-time TEDx speaker to provide another dimension to business as he provides insight into how to grow a company with passion, depth, and true legacy.

Bernadette Schwerdt

Founder, Australian School of Copywriting

Breakout Session: "How to Write a Best-Selling Business Book"

Bernadette is the quintessential Australian expert on authoring a book, and in her session she will be leading us through the critical elements on how to write a best-selling book and why you would want to.

Lynnaire Johnston

Best-selling Author and Word Wizard

Breakout Session: "Building Your Personal Brand"

Lynnaire is an internationally respected LinkedIn authority. She is the author of two books – Link∙Ability, 4 Powerful Strategies to Maximise Your LinkedIn Success and the co-author of best-selling Business Gold – Building Awareness, Authority and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages. She works with clients globally, helping them to achieve their professional goals by using LinkedIn to develop business relationships that lead to sales, collaborations, and other opportunities.

Bernard Kassab

Co-Founder, Ucidity

Breakout Session: "Building Your Personal Brand"

Bernard is the co-founder of Ucidity, sales, brand and marketing agency. With over 10 years of experience, Bernard and his team seek to unlock hidden potential that drives people and businesses beyond their perceived limitation. With a diversity in industry experiences and exposure to business at each level of its development cycle, Bernard exposes your greatest business advantages and devises the best way to go-to-market, measure, leverage, and grow.

If you are a Professional Services business owner, this is THE event of the year not to be missed!

The Ultimate Freedom is to Own a Business that's Valuable, Scalable & Saleable!

Join top Australian business experts for a three-day virtual Summit sharing their unique insights on acquisitions, growth, and exit strategies specifically for professional services firms.

  • How to accelerate your business growth by acquisitions

  • Different ways to fund the growth of your company

  • Succession planning - the key to growing and exiting your business

  • What drives up the value of your business, and what can be dragging it down

  • How to systemise your business for scale

  • Understand how to value your business

  • How to ultimately sell your business and the alternative options to sale

  • What's around the corner and how to capitalise on it - market trends and economic conditions



Industry breakout sessions will not be recorded.


As business owners we are on a journey - we're either starting, growing or exiting our businesses. It's the entrepreneurial cycle.

Many of us got into business because we wanted more freedom.
The problem is...

Very few business owners achieve the financial and lifestyle rewards they want.

Instead, they feel like a slave to their business.


  • Overcome the challenges of 'building' your professional services firm — by accessing the right people with specialist skills, expanding into new markets quickly, scaling your business in less time.

  • Design your business to become less reliant on you, and implement the right 'drivers' to build company value as you grow.

  • Set up your business so that it is 'exit ready', knowing you can achieve a multi-million dollar exit — you just have to pull the trigger when it's right for you.



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Hear from 6 industry experts — everything you need to know about acquisitions.

TUES. 29 MARCH, 2022, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Unique insights on growing your professional services firm and building company value.

WED. 30 MARCH, 2022, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Unique insights on growing your professional services firm and building company value.

WED. 30 MARCH, 2022, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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Can I acquire a business as a part of my growth strategy?

Should I just grow my existing product/service, or expand to new sectors?

What is the right model for growth?

How do I manage growth?

How do I embed a succession plan into my business?

How do I find, recruit and retain staff?

When is the right time to sell my business?

How do I find the right buyers?

How do I value my company?

I have been approached by buyer, what should I do next, or what are the next steps?

The Buy Grow Sell Summit is the place to gain exclusive, actionable tips from Australian and international experts in business growth, acquisitions, exit strategy and M&A....designed to help professional services business owners like you.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022 6:00 AM AWST

How will you grow your Professional Services firm in 2022 and beyond?

Are you designing your business to achieve a multi-million dollar exit one day?

Do you have the right tools & strategies to get there?

The Power of Your Registration

By registering for this Summit, you will also be supporting communities in Uganda to use business to help lift them out of poverty. For every registration, we will help fund literacy and business training for women in a rural community in Uganda through our association with Buy 1 Give 1 - Business For Good.

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